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Medical Studies in English are organized into two courses:
General Medicine and
Dental Medicine.
Conditions for the applicants:
The Applicant must present a secondary school certificate. Passes equivalent to the British GCE A Level are normally required in three subjects (Chemistry, Physics and Biology). Students may also follow a preparatory one year course in Czech Republic. For more information about this course contact Charles University in Prague, Institute of language and Professional Preparation, Jiriho nam. 1, 290 36 Podebrady, Czech Republic , e-mail :, www
The Applicant must satisfactorily pass the entrance examination in physics, chemistry, and biology. Applicants are expected to have secondary school knowledge but the University allows for reasonable differences in levels of knowledge in students of different schools and countries. 
When accepted, the applicant must pay the annual fee, which for entrants in the academic year 2002/2003 is 9.000 USD for General Medicine and 9.500 USD for Dental Medicine (unless the signed contract between the Faculty and an appropriate agency states other conditions). The fee covers all instruction (lectures, seminars, laboratories, clinical training and tutorials), certain necessary texts such as laboratory manuals, etc., and entitles student to use faculty facilities, including the Faculty Library, where all the necessary textbooks can be borrowed for a period of one year. For longer periods of time the students are expected to buy their own textbooks. The annual fee of 9.000/9.500 USD will not be increased during the student's period of study unless the value of the USD falls considerably as against other currencies. Faculty arranges health insurance (covered by tuition fee) according to the contract of health insurance. The fee doesn't provide for accommodation and food. Other expenses include fees connected with the permanent stay permit and payments necessary for the translation and official recognition of secondary school certificates.

The Faculty takes no responsibility for applicants' success either in the entrance exam or in the course of their studies, however, all enrolled students have a fair chance to finish their studies.

General information:

The length of the study is 6 years for General Medicine and 5 1/2 years for Dental Medicine. Our graduates obtain the degree of Doctor of Medicine from Charles University. This degree is widely recognized in many countries. The General Medicine Council in Britain accepts this degree as a primary medical qualification for limited registration purpose, providing the doctor successfully passes the PLAB test.

Housing and meals :
Students may use the student dormitories near the faculty where two students usually share the room.There are also the food facilities at the faculty. The price of bed in a duble room is around 100 USD per month, the price of a main meal is about 1,5 USD . The prices might increase in the future.

Experienced and devoted faculty staff, modern faculty hospital, lower fee compared to English speaking countries, low cost of living, efficient and cheap public transport, convenient location of the town. Short distances (5 - 10 minutes of walking between the faculty buildings,the faculty hospital and the student residences are also of particular importance.

How to apply:

The applicant should send a completed application and verified copies of his/her secondary school certificates to:

Charles University
Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
Centre for Studies in English
Lidicka 1
301 66 Pilsen
Czech Republic

Phone: +420-377593175
Fax: +420-377259278

Please, do not send original certificates. Make verified photocopy of your secondary school (college) certificates. This copy should be translated into English or Czech and must be certified by the Miistry of Forign Affairs of the applicant's country. These documents should be presented during the course of the admission exam for which the applicant will be invited. The admission exam for the English class is organized in three possible terms:

  1. In June for students who are able to take part directly at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen.
  2. During summer vacation in the applicant's country by the appropriate agency
  3. In September again in Pilsen for a limited number of applicants who may then immediately join the Faculty
All accepted students are invited to join an intensive Czech language course during the month of September or the Language Summer School during summer vacation. The applicant may also contact the following agencies that cooperate with the Faculty:

Afamia -Americká 20, Plzeň
tel.: +420-608-076 099
PhDr. Issam Ramadan
Žlutická 3, 32300 Plzeň

Study World Ltd. - Veranda, Holywell Rd.,
Malvern Wells, Worcestershire WR14 4LF
England, tel.: +44/1684/566347
fax: +44/1684/7597559

Academic Agency, Vratislavova 10, Praha 2
128 00 Czech Republic, 
mobile: 00420 602 226 958
phone:  00420 224 990 450
fax:       00420 224 990 451

Horania Agency, Pod Královkou 1/1942, Praha 6, Brevnov, 16900 Czech Republic
tel.: 0602/312958, fax: +420/2/20514225

Caxton Publications Private Ltd. - Carmel Centre, Banerji Road, Cochin,682018, S.India
tel.: +91/484/390409, fax: +91/484/390785

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